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Illustration Web Design
Client Reboot
Year 2018
Type Front-End Development / Design
4thewords is a web application that uses gamification as a means to facilitate constant writing. It uses game elements such as: monsters, items, personalized avatars and an open world ready to explore. The aim is to facilitate the creative process involved in writing and with the help of daily challenges, improve the habit of everyday writing.
I Am Ego
I Am Ego


A world condemned by dust
The purpose of 4thewords is to encourage writers to complete their stories, better their writing discipline and have fun while doing so.
This we did thru the gamification of basic tasks such as writing 444 words daily, battle monters with different word counts and collecting items to advance in an immersive world.

This adventure takes place in Oge Mai, an island in the sky thats being consumed by a strange dust in the air.
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The project grew and grew over time and new feature were introduced every other month since the beginning adding a wardrobe to customize your character, an read section to share your projects, an open world in which to complete missions and challenge new monsters, a forum for our community to socialice, a recount page of every event held to date, a lore book in which to read the story you've been playing, items to improve your writing time, and even immersive point and click events trough out the earlier years.

My role in the team included graphic design, minor illustrations, game design, usability and front-end development. This was done using mostly HTLM 5, Javascript, Tween-lite animations, SASS and Vue Js to connect it all together.
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The project was constructed as a Web Application supported on all mayor browsers and screen sizes and is being used in over 50 countries, including Antarctica and Madagascar.

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4TheWords won the Cuestamoras award for innovation in 2018.

Visit: 4thewords.com