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Branding UX/UI Design
Dú Ahyë
Client Holthuis
Year 2020
Type Branding / Front-End
Branding and web development for a musical project that incarnates movement & transformation through piano compositions & reactive imagery.

This project is born out of a will to share 20 years of transformation through musical and visual elements.

DÚ AHYË is a musical project that utilizes visual elements to enforce the concept each composition tackles. Each part of the site tries to remain as clean as possible, leaving only the most relevant information to be seen.
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Move & Transform

Move & Transform

From the transforming animations in the home screen (a reflection of change in every composition) to the the illustrations turning into pictures (moving from concept to reality), transformation and advancement is present throughout the site.
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Each composition is accompanied by a poem or memoir that alludes to the emotion most present during a certain experience. The goal was to connect them as seamlessly as possible, without one undermining the other.


As part of the image, the branding was tested to work on different merchandise items, allowing for it to be seen the same way the project was created: without revealing too much and allowing for questions to bring out stories.

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William Shakespear
"When words fail,
music speaks."