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UX/UI Design
Exp. de CR
Client Andres Bronnimann
Year 2020
Type Branding / Front-End Development
Climbing oriented brand created to increase social and environmental values amongst adventurers.

Casa Fage is an art studio founded by a Canadian artist, philosopher and life lover, Anthony Fage. The studio specializes in artistic bronze casting using the "Lost Wax" technique.

I worked directly with the art studio owners to conceptualize, plan and bring their new website to life. The website sought to facilitate the explanation of their services and the working process of the foundry, as well as to improve contact with the company for all those interested in requesting their service.
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To improve engagement we mixed story telling, vivid imagery, and a site navigation that makes you feel immersed in the bronze casting experience.

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Adaptable Design

Adaptable Design

The site is prepared in a "responsive" way, adapting its visualization and navigation for each device, facilitating the initial purpose of bringing them closer to their clients wherever they are.
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"I want to do with my work
what spring does with the flowers"