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Kristin Holthuis
Client Kristin Holthuis
Year 2020
Type Branding
Branding for a medical practice adapting their methods and practices for a new globalized and digital world, requiring a new aesthetic to properly introduce their essence.
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Project Inspiration

Project Inspiration

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One of the most used therapies in this practice is flower remedies, which are droplets. This in combination with the tulip, a dutch flower (where Kristin comes from) serves as parting point for the logo. In addition, we used the colors of the earth (as seen from space) for the color palette, as a way to visualize inclusion and expansion.
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The symmetry provides balance, the minimalism provides an ease of use and the shape itself can be used in a variety of patterns, creating an integrated look with endless posibilites.

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Expandable Design

The patterns and clean typography can be used in a variety of ways, allowing different products to have a unique look while still being identifiable under the brands look.

"Recognizing your essence
is the first step towards healing"