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Branding Product Design
Quetzal Automaton
Client Micitt
Year 2016
Type Product design / Brand Awareness
Interactive mechanical quetzal designed and build for the ministry of science and technology of Costa Rica during their rebranding.
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Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Nature and science collide, by abstracting formal elements of the quetzal and merging them with technology to create a playful piece that reacts to the environment. Its wings open and its head looks at the person who enters its range of vision, drawing attention to its intricate body, whispering a message of innovation and national development.
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The quetzal was programed using Arduino and various electronic components. For the construction we used laser cut acrylic and 3D-printed elements.

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Where is it now?
This project was developed on behalf of MICIT (Ministry of Science and Technology) by CINNO Research Center for Innovation (Veritas University Manufacturing Laboratory) to promote the new image and buisness strategy of ministry.

Once completed, it was delivered to Luis Guillermo Solis,
president of Costa Rica.